• Leander Behal

International Premiere: "From the Cradle to the Grave" at the German Youth Film Award 2019

Thrilled to announce that "From the Cradle to the Grave" will premiere at the 32nd Bundes Festival Film in Hildesheim. The film is thereby nominated for the Deutscher Jugendfilmpreis (German Youth Film Award)!

Here is the link to the festival program: https://www.bundesfestival.de/programm_zeitplan.html

"From the Cradle to the Grave" will be shown in film block 7 (5pm-6:30pm) on the 22nd of June at Thega Filmpalast in Hildesheim.

Congratulations to all our team members:

Our actors Diego Andreas and Lee Reimers Our camera man Konrad Waldmann Our sound recordist and editor Luis Seemann Our composer Christos Drouzas Our production designer Djuneid Dulloo Our production manager River Casas Our assistant director Graciela Morcillo

...and all the other people who supported this film.

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