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Production of "Wit's End" completed!

The production of my latest short film, "Wit's End" (original title: "Latein am Ende"), has wrapped. The circa 4-minute short was shot on two consecutive days at the end of January. It was a very fun, efficient shoot with many familiar faces. Most of the crew members present were also involved in the making of last year's "From the Cradle to the Grave" (original title: "Von der Wiege bis zur Bahre").

The actors starring in "Wit's End" are: Hannah Prasse as Mila and Heiko Pinkowski as Thomas. I'm proud to say they did an excellent job.

Our crew was made up of Konrad Waldmann (Director of Photography), Emma Leonhardt (Sound Engineer), River Casas (Assistant Director), Vincent Ecker (Set Manager), Franz Waldmann (Grip), and Kaoru Chiba (Continuity & Set Photography). I couldn't have hoped for a more dedicated, harmonious crew.

Now it's off to post-production with our editor Luis Seemann and our composer Christos Drouzas.

Some behind-the-scenes moments captured by Kaoru Chiba.

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